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Orange arrow Is TEAM6 compatible with SmartLogs older than the SmartLog Pro®?

  The TEAM6 software is only compatible with the SmartLog Pro®. Any previous hardware version (SmartLog V5™, SmartLog V4™, SmartLog X3™, SmartLog PGV or Datalogger) cannot use this software without first upgrading their hardware....
Orange arrow Can I import my TEAM5 data into TEAM6?

  Yes. TEAM6 has an Import Data from TEAM5 feature in the Admin-Database section....
Orange arrow Is TEAM6 a free upgrade?

  TEAM6 is offered as an annual subscription or as a one-time permanent purchase. Existing TEAM5 customers may be eligible for an upgrade discount. Please contact the EMIT factory....
Orange arrow What are the differences between TEAM6 Desktop and Server?

  TEAM6 Server allows access to network administration, network status/reporting features, access control options, time clock options, and import/export options that are not part of TEAM6 Desktop. Please see the chart below which details the differences between the versions of TEAM6....
Orange arrow Is TEAM6 limited to a specific number of SmartLog Pro® units?

  No, there is no limit to the number of SmartLog Pro® units that may be added....
Orange arrow Will the TEAM6 software capture a smock test?

  Yes. TEAM6 has a field that you can mark if the user will be testing a smock and the SmartLog Pro® has a graphic indicating smock testing....
Orange arrow How often does the TEAM6 software collect ESD transactions from each SmartLog?

  TEAM6 continuously polls the ESD transactions off each SmartLog device it is communicating with. For the SmartLog Pro®, it is estimated that the polling cycle for 1 is approximately 2 seconds. Each SmartLog Pro® added to the software will add an additional 2 seconds....
Orange arrow How do you update the SmartLog Pro® using TEAM6?

  Please watch a short video with instructions on this subject in the TEAM6 Software Videos section of our website:
Orange arrow How do you update the TEAM6 software?

  Please watch a short video with instructions on this subject in the TEAM6 Software Videos section of our website:
Orange arrow What can I do if my SmartLog Pro® unit goes offline and back online in TEAM6?

  Please make sure that you have POLLING turned ON when you are in the TEAM6 System Monitor screen to see the latest status. If a SmartLog Pro® does not respond in the preset time limit, the unit is reported as “offline”. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the Sma...
Orange arrow How do you repair the TEAM6 database?

  There is a Repair function found in the Admin - Database section of the program for this purpose....

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