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Orange arrow Is TEAM5 limited to a specific number of SmartLogs?

  If you are using the direct IP method of communication, there is no limit. If you are using the virtual com port communication method with the SmartLog V5, you will be limited to connecting 64 devices. Please contact Desco for additional information....
Orange arrow Do the humidity and temperature sensors need to be calibrated?

Orange arrow How do you enable viewing analog data (resistance, temperature and humidity) in TEAM5?

  First you will need the to update the client software that runs on the SmartLog Pro to at least version 4.05.01. Please contact the EMIT factory for a link to download the latest version. Next you will need to follow the procedure below for enabling the feature in the TEAM5 software: - Go to the ...
Orange arrow How can you accommodate visitors that need access to an area where a SmartLog is restricting access?

  What most customers do is add several visitor profiles into the TEAM5 User Edit window. Creating a visitor profile allows you to assign cards to them. So, when a visitor comes they can use a visitor card provided to them by the front desk. When you set up the visitor profile you decide what test r...
Orange arrow What can you do if the SmartLog Pro® shows NO TEST for footwear testing for all employees no matter what test limit settings are in use?

  Reboot the SmartLog Pro® by power cycling it. Check that the SmartLog Pro® is properly grounded and make sure the foot plate cable is connected properly on both ends. Check the version number of the footplate in tester’s Admin menu. If the field is blank or shows 000, then the foot...
Orange arrow What are the test limits of the wrist straps and footwear on the SmartLog Pro®?

  For more information regarding test limits see the TB-6594 - SmartLog Pro® Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guide....
Orange arrow Does the SmartLog Pro® have WiFi capabilities?

  No. The SmartLog Pro® has an embedded Ethernet module that requires a wired connection to the network....
Orange arrow How many operators can be the SmartLog Pro® handle before you see its performance decrease?

  The SmartLog Pro® will handle hundreds of thousands of users without showing any sign of performance issues....
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Orange arrow Can we connect directly to the SmartLog Pro® via a COM port?

  No. The only connection option is through the embedded Ethernet module....
Orange arrow Can the footplate from previous SmartLog versions be used with the new SmartLog Pro®?

  No. The SmartLog Pro® uses a mini din-6 cable appose to previous models which use either a RJ11 jack or 3.5mm stereo jack....
Orange arrow What is the disable feature in the SmartLog Pro® used for?

  The Disable feature is intended to prevent users from using the SmartLog Pro® without turning off the power or removing it from its location. By entering in the date and time when you want the SmartLog Pro® to be enabled, it will automatically become disabled until that specified date and t...
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Orange arrow Is the SmartLog Pro® compatible with SmartLog X3 and SmartLog V4 units?

  No. When you purchase a SmartLog Pro® you will need to update the TEAM5 software. The update allows the TEAM5 software to communicate with the SmartLog Pro. At the same time this update will affect the performance of the SmartLog X3 and SmartLog V4. If you wish to add a SmartLog Pro® to you...
Orange arrow How do you enable the relay on the SmartLog Pro®?

  The relay terminal is located on the back of the SmartLog Pro®. Instructions for configuring it are described on page 8 of the SmartLog Pro® manual TB-6594, which is available for download here: To enable the relay time in the TEAM5 software, t...
Orange arrow How many ESD tests can be stored on the SmartLog Pro®?

  The SmartLog Pro® records all ESD transactions to its 8Gig SD Card. The SD Card will store tens of thousands of transactions before exceeding its memory. The SmartLog Pro® is intended to be used with the TEAM5 ESD Software which continuously polls all stored transactions freeing up any memo...
Orange arrow Is TEAM5 compatible with both the SmartLog Pro® and SmartLog V5?


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