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Orange arrow Will the SmartLog V5 log test results without the TEAM5 software?

  Yes. The Smartlog V5 memory will store up to 15,000 tests before exceeding its memory. A “MEMORY FULL” message will be displayed, at which point you can no longer records tests. The SmartLog V5 is intended to be used with the TEAM5 ESD Software which continuously polls all stored transa...
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Orange arrow How often does the TEAM5 software collect ESD transactions from each SmartLog?

  TEAM5 continuously polls the ESD transactions off each SmartLog device it is communicating with. For the SmartLog V5, it is estimated that the polling cycle for 1 is approximately 5 seconds. Each SmartLog V5 added to the software will add an additional 5 seconds. For the SmartLog Pro®, it is e...
Orange arrow How many ESD tests can be stored on the SmartLog Pro®?

  The SmartLog Pro® records all ESD transactions to its 8Gig SD Card. The SD Card will store tens of thousands of transactions before exceeding its memory. The SmartLog Pro® is intended to be used with the TEAM5 ESD Software which continuously polls all stored transactions freeing up any memo...
Orange arrow What can I do if my SmartLog Pro® unit goes offline and back online in TEAM6?

  Please make sure that you have POLLING turned ON when you are in the TEAM6 System Monitor screen to see the latest status. If a SmartLog Pro® does not respond in the preset time limit, the unit is reported as “offline”. This does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the Sma...
Orange arrow Can the ESD transactions stored on the SmartLog Pro® be extracted without the use of the TEAM5 software?

Orange arrow What should the Poll Frequency be set to when using a SmartLog Pro® in TEAM5?

  The poll frequency should be set to a minimum value of 1. You should not use a 0 setting for the Smartlog Pro® unless you have very few users....

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