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Orange arrow What can you do if the SmartLog Pro® shows NO TEST for footwear testing for all employees no matter what test limit settings are in use?

  Reboot the SmartLog Pro® by power cycling it. Check that the SmartLog Pro® is properly grounded and make sure the foot plate cable is connected properly on both ends. Check the version number of the footplate in tester’s Admin menu. If the field is blank or shows 000, then the foot...
Orange arrow What cleaning solution may be used to clean the footplate on a SmartLog?

  99% Isopropyl alcohol is the best choice for cleaning because it leaves little to no residue....
Orange arrow What can you do if you are receiving test results for wrist straps at the SmartLog Pro® when you do not have a wrist strap plugged in?

  We recommend that you clean the single wire jack with a burst of compressed air so the tester does not cumulate debris inside the jack. During repairs for this reported problem it was discovered that debris accumulated in between the sensors of the single wire jack may cause the tester to falsely...

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