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Orange arrow Why does the SmartLog Pro® not initiate the ESD test after placing my finger on the test switch?

  This could be due to poor grounding of the tester as well as low moisture levels of the operator testing. For the grounding, please confirm the tester is grounded. We supply two washers on the back of the tester at the two screw positions to help with grounding. For the moisture, you can try appl...
Orange arrow What can you do if the SmartLog Pro® shows NO TEST for footwear testing for all employees no matter what test limit settings are in use?

  Reboot the SmartLog Pro® by power cycling it. Check that the SmartLog Pro® is properly grounded and make sure the foot plate cable is connected properly on both ends. Check the version number of the footplate in tester’s Admin menu. If the field is blank or shows 000, then the foot...
Orange arrow When testing footwear, why does it “timeout” even though I am on the footplate and pressing the switch?

  This would indicate a disconnect between the footplate and SmartLog Pro®. This is a result of a loose or damaged footplate cable, footplate, SmartLog Pro or Ground. Please use the procedure below for resolving this issue. Footplate Cable and/or Footplate Troubleshooting: Turn the SmartLog P...
Orange arrow Why do I receive a “No Test” message when testing footwear?

  There may be a loose ground connection or bad ground. If you remove the tester off the bracket and look at the green terminal on the back (as pictured below), please make sure the ground wire is secure and making good contact. Also, check the connection being made at the outlet....
Orange arrow Can you perform a smock test against the SmartLog Pro®?

  The SmartLog Pro® tests the grounding integrity of the smock while worn by the operator. It does not perform a panel to panel test as recommended by the Association Garment Standard, ESD-STM2.1. This can be achieved using a Surface Resistance Meter Kit item #19787....

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