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Orange arrow Will the SmartLog V5 log test results without the TEAM5 software?

  Yes. The Smartlog V5 memory will store up to 15,000 tests before exceeding its memory. A “MEMORY FULL” message will be displayed, at which point you can no longer records tests. The SmartLog V5 is intended to be used with the TEAM5 ESD Software which continuously polls all stored transa...
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Orange arrow Why doesn’t the SmartLog V5 power up?

  Verify the incoming voltage meets the power requirements referenced on the power supply as well as SmartLog V5 serial label. Verify the blade of the power supply is completely fastened to the transformer. Verify the plug of the power supply is completely fastened to the jack of the SmartLog V5....
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Orange arrow Is TEAM5 compatible with both the SmartLog Pro® and SmartLog V5?

Orange arrow Is TEAM5 limited to a specific number of SmartLogs?

  If you are using the direct IP method of communication, there is no limit. If you are using the virtual com port communication method with the SmartLog V5, you will be limited to connecting 64 devices. Please contact Desco for additional information....
Orange arrow How often does the TEAM5 software collect ESD transactions from each SmartLog?

  TEAM5 continuously polls the ESD transactions off each SmartLog device it is communicating with. For the SmartLog V5, it is estimated that the polling cycle for 1 is approximately 5 seconds. Each SmartLog V5 added to the software will add an additional 5 seconds. For the SmartLog Pro®, it is e...
Orange arrow Can the footplate from previous SmartLog versions be used with the new SmartLog Pro®?

  No. The SmartLog Pro® uses a mini din-6 cable appose to previous models which use either a RJ11 jack or 3.5mm stereo jack....
Orange arrow What cleaning solution may be used to clean the footplate on a SmartLog?

  99% Isopropyl alcohol is the best choice for cleaning because it leaves little to no residue....
Orange arrow How can you accommodate visitors that need access to an area where a SmartLog is restricting access?

  What most customers do is add several visitor profiles into the TEAM5 User Edit window. Creating a visitor profile allows you to assign cards to them. So, when a visitor comes they can use a visitor card provided to them by the front desk. When you set up the visitor profile you decide what test r...

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