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Orange arrow What is the disable feature in the SmartLog Pro® used for?

  The Disable feature is intended to prevent users from using the SmartLog Pro® without turning off the power or removing it from its location. By entering in the date and time when you want the SmartLog Pro® to be enabled, it will automatically become disabled until that specified date and t...
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Orange arrow How can you accommodate visitors that need access to an area where a SmartLog is restricting access?

  What most customers do is add several visitor profiles into the TEAM5 User Edit window. Creating a visitor profile allows you to assign cards to them. So, when a visitor comes they can use a visitor card provided to them by the front desk. When you set up the visitor profile you decide what test r...
Orange arrow What are the differences in the user roles in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Role is important because it defines access rights within the software: Owner has full access to all available functionality Admin has full access to all available functionality (except creating Admin or Owner Users) Manager has limited access (full access to managed department(s)) User has onl...
Orange arrow Will the TEAM5 software capture a smock test?

  TEAM5 does not have a reference for a “Smock Only” test, but you can perform a smock test in place of the wrist test. TEAM5 has fields within the user table that will allow for “Smock Only Test” reference. This note can appear on daily ESD reports....

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