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Orange arrow How can you accommodate visitors that need access to an area where a SmartLog is restricting access?

  What most customers do is add several visitor profiles into the TEAM5 User Edit window. Creating a visitor profile allows you to assign cards to them. So, when a visitor comes they can use a visitor card provided to them by the front desk. When you set up the visitor profile you decide what test r...
Orange arrow How can you give free passage in one rotational direction on the SmartLog Pro® turnstile?

  The turnstile comes with key overrides located on the underside of the front panel. Key overrides are used to toggle between free passage and controlled passage modes (electric models only). There is one key override provided for each rotation direction....
Orange arrow How do you connect the SmartLog Pro®2 to an Alvarado EDC turnstile?

  You may use the procedure in the video linked below: process is also covered in the TB-6611 - Turnstile for SmartLog Pro® Installation, Operation, and Maintenance guide at the link below:

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