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Orange arrow Where can I download the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  The software may be downloaded here:
Orange arrow Where can I get a license for the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  The software requires valid license to operate. Upon installation, the software will run with a trial license and the expiration date is shown on the sidebar: To activate the software click on Activate (see the image above): This form contains a unique Product ID. Send this ID to your Desco r...
Orange arrow What is the purpose of the Access Control features named Current ESD pass and Prompt when expired?

  Current ESD pass When enabled, operators are required to have a previous ESD status of PASS in order for the relay to trigger and be granted access. Operators with a FAIL or NOT TESTED status will be denied access. When disabled, operators are required to test and pass each time in order to be gr...
Orange arrow What are the requirements for running the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Here is a summary of the basic requirements: Windows OS (all versions) IIS with ASP.NET Microsoft SQL Compact 4 Edition (download link is included in user guide) URL Rewrite module (download link is included in user guide) 4GB of RAM 2GB of free disk space (1GB should be enough) for server (back...
Orange arrow How does the ID Expiration field in the operator screen work?

  If an operator has an ID Expiration date set (if it is not set, this means it does not expire) then access will be denied at the SmartLog Pro® SE if the operator attempts to use the tester on or after that date. That operator will get an Access Denied message if they enter or scan an ID until ...
Orange arrow What can cause a SmartLog Pro® SE to not be located by the SLP Config program?

  If the SmartLog Pro® SE units are not on the same subnet as the computer or server hosting the SLP Config software, that will cause this problem. Windows Firewall settings can also block access to the testers. Updating the firewall settings or disabling the firewall can help. If UDP or Port ...
Orange arrow What are the differences in the user roles in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Role is important because it defines access rights within the software: Owner has full access to all available functionality Admin has full access to all available functionality (except creating Admin or Owner Users) Manager has limited access (full access to managed department(s)) User has onl...
Orange arrow What do the result codes in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software's Operator Last Known ESD Status widget mean?

  The Operator last known ESD status widget displays various results which are summarized below. You may view the detailed status entry results by clicking on each line. Expired – The operator’s test expired based on the ”hours until retest required” setting in the Operator s...
Orange arrow Can you restore deleted operators from the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  When removing operators from the software that had prior data, it hides rather than deletes them. When you select Delete it simply removes them from the software interface and reports. If you need to bring them back (due to rehiring, for example), select the Clear Filter button at the top of the o...
Orange arrow Is the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software compatible with SmartLogs older than the SmartLog Pro® SE?

  SmartLog Pro® Manager is only compatible with the SmartLog Pro® SE and SmartLog Pro® 2 models. SmartLog Pro® models may be converted into SmartLog Pro® SE models with the purchase of a new SD card that has the correct programming. Please contact the EMIT Factory for more details....
Orange arrow How many ESD tests can be stored on the SmartLog Pro® 2?

  The SmartLog Pro®2 will store thousands of transactions before exceeding its memory. The SmartLog Pro® 2 is intended to be used with the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software which continuously receives all transactions made at the tester, thus freeing up any memory being used. Internal flash memory al...
Orange arrow How can you manage the size of the database in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software to improve speed and performance?

  Here are some tips for dealing with large databases: Use the Database Purge feature in the Options to reduce the size of the database. Evaluate how much historical information you really need to keep and and adjust the setting to purge data older than the number of months you specify. Disable th...
Orange arrow How can you set the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software to create reports for operators that did not test?

  Operators with an “Expired” status are those who have not tested for the day or not tested recently. If you want to capture all of those operators, all you would need to do is create a new scheduled report with that ESD status filtered as shown in the image below: For an ESD Test History report,...
Orange arrow How do you update the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Open the SLP Config App. It will clearly indicate if there are new updates available. Please refer to the brief video below for instructions on performing updates:
Orange arrow How do you reuse a Test ID in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  In order to reuse an existing Test ID, you will need to remove the original Test ID. After deleting an operator, their profile remains valid in the database. Although you cannot see it in the user interface, the data is still stored in the database. In order to access it again to remove the Test ID...

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