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Orange arrow Why does the SmartLog Pro SE display “Check wrist cord connection”?

  If your wrist strap cord is not plugged in or is plugged in incorrectly, this message will appear. Please check your connection and try your test again. If you are doing footwear tests, please make sure the foot plate cable is securely connected on both ends. A loose cable can also cause this er...
Orange arrow Where can I download the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  The software may be downloaded here:
Orange arrow Where can I get a license for the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  The software requires valid license to operate. Upon installation, the software will run with a trial license and the expiration date is shown on the sidebar: To activate the software click on Activate (see the image above): This form contains a unique Product ID. Send this ID to your Desco r...
Orange arrow What is the purpose of the Access Control features named Current ESD pass and Prompt when expired?

  Current ESD pass When enabled, operators are required to have a previous ESD status of PASS in order for the relay to trigger and be granted access. Operators with a FAIL or NOT TESTED status will be denied access. When disabled, operators are required to test and pass each time in order to be gr...
Orange arrow How does the ID Expiration field in the operator screen work?

  If an operator has an ID Expiration date set (if it is not set, this means it does not expire) then access will be denied at the SmartLog Pro® SE if the operator attempts to use the tester on or after that date. That operator will get an Access Denied message if they enter or scan an ID until ...
Orange arrow What can cause a SmartLog Pro® SE to not be located by the SLP Config program?

  If the SmartLog Pro® SE units are not on the same subnet as the computer or server hosting the SLP Config software, that will cause this problem. Windows Firewall settings can also block access to the testers. Updating the firewall settings or disabling the firewall can help. If UDP or Port ...
Orange arrow Why do I receive a “No Test” message when testing footwear?

  There may be a loose ground connection or bad ground. If you remove the tester off the bracket and look at the green terminal on the back (as pictured below), please make sure the ground wire is secure and making good contact. Also, check the connection being made at the outlet....
Orange arrow When do I need to recalibrate the SmartLog Pro® SE and how can I do it?

  Frequency of recalibration should be based on the critical nature of those ESD sensitive items handled and the risk of failure for the ESD protective equipment and materials. In general, EMIT recommends that calibration be performed annually.Use the EMIT 50424 Limit Comparator and EMIT 50784 5-Poun...
Orange arrow Is the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software compatible with SmartLogs older than the SmartLog Pro® SE?

  SmartLog Pro® Manager is only compatible with the SmartLog Pro® SE and SmartLog Pro® 2 models. SmartLog Pro® models may be converted into SmartLog Pro® SE models with the purchase of a new SD card that has the correct programming. Please contact the EMIT Factory for more details....

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