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Orange arrow How does the ID Expiration field in the operator screen work?

  If an operator has an ID Expiration date set (if it is not set, this means it does not expire) then access will be denied at the SmartLog Pro® SE if the operator attempts to use the tester on or after that date. That operator will get an Access Denied message if they enter or scan an ID until ...
Orange arrow What do the result codes in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software's Operator Last Known ESD Status widget mean?

  The Operator last known ESD status widget displays various results which are summarized below. You may view the detailed status entry results by clicking on each line. Expired – The operator’s test expired based on the ”hours until retest required” setting in the Operator s...
Orange arrow Can you restore deleted operators from the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  When removing operators from the software that had prior data, it hides rather than deletes them. When you select Delete it simply removes them from the software interface and reports. If you need to bring them back (due to rehiring, for example), select the Clear Filter button at the top of the o...
Orange arrow How do you reuse a Test ID in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  In order to reuse an existing Test ID, you will need to remove the original Test ID. After deleting an operator, their profile remains valid in the database. Although you cannot see it in the user interface, the data is still stored in the database. In order to access it again to remove the Test ID...
Orange arrow Can you make changes to multiple operators in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Yes, you are able to make changes to certain fields in the Operator screen. You may use the filter options in the Operator screen to show the group of operators to modify and then check-mark those you want the changes made to. The Update Selected option shown in the image below is what allows y...

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