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Orange arrow How many ESD tests can be stored on the SmartLog Pro® 2?

  The SmartLog Pro®2 will store thousands of transactions before exceeding its memory. The SmartLog Pro® 2 is intended to be used with the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software which continuously receives all transactions made at the tester, thus freeing up any memory being used. Internal flash memory al...
Orange arrow Does the SmartLog Pro®2 have Wi-Fi capabilities?

  Yes. Use the Wi-Fi setup to wirelessly connect the SmartLog Pro® 2 to the network in instances where a direct Ethernet cable is not used....
Orange arrow How can you manage the size of the database in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software to improve speed and performance?

  Here are some tips for dealing with large databases: Use the Database Purge feature in the Options to reduce the size of the database. Evaluate how much historical information you really need to keep and and adjust the setting to purge data older than the number of months you specify. Disable th...
Orange arrow Can you make changes to multiple operators in the SmartLog Pro Manager Web Software?

  Yes, you are able to make changes to certain fields in the Operator screen. You may use the filter options in the Operator screen to show the group of operators to modify and then check-mark those you want the changes made to. The Update Selected option shown in the image below is what allows y...
Orange arrow When do I need to recalibrate the SmartLog Pro® 2 and how can I do it?

  Frequency of re-calibration should be based on the critical nature of those ESD sensitive items handled and the risk of failure for the ESD protective equipment and materials. In general, EMIT recommends that calibration be performed annually. Use the EMIT 50424 Limit Comparator and EMIT 50784 5...

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